PHOENIX – It may seem trivial, but the knurled surface on the unseen release lever in the center console of the all-new Ram 1500 is the kind of detail that means a lot to Jon Gaudreau.

The interior design manager for the ’19 Ram, Gaudreau insisted that every functional knob, lever, handle and release in the cabin of the truck be identifiable by touch, via the use of common knurling etched into the surface.

That attention to detail is evident throughout the new Ram, whether in its increased interior space and quietness, improved ride and handling or fuel-saving active aerodynamics and electrified powertrains.

We spent considerable drive time in the ultra-handsome 1500 Laramie Longhorn Edition, the cowboy alter-ego of the more refined Limited. The Longhorn is trimmed in leather with rough-edged piping, open-pore barn-wood veneer and steel and filigreed-satin finishes to create a genuine saddlery feel. The Longhorn badge is branded – using an authentic burning-in technique – into the barnwood dashboard in front of the passenger.

Each trim level shares the same basic layout, itself an evolution of the truck’s wide-open, consumer-pleasing interior. In addition to the luxury Limited and premium Laramie, the Ram is available in Rebel off-road trim, the volume-leading Bighorn with bench seating for up to six and the base Tradesman work truck.

Improvements across the board include push-button start, electronic parking brake, redesigned and relocated rotary shifter and a raised touchscreen that is now positioned closer to the driver to permit an easy arm’s-length reach to the screen and related controls.

Front-and-center in the interior is an optional 12.0-in. (30-cm) touchscreen, powered by FCA’s fourth-generation Uconnect operating system. The latest system is capable of being reconfigured into dual screens to allow different, simultaneous displays such as an Apple CarPlay or Android Auto map on the upper view while a satellite music display or an onboard function appears below. Also new and exclusive to Ram is SiriusXM 360L, essentially an on-demand audio streaming service drawing on the satellite-radio provider’s extensive library.

Redundant, hard-button controls surround the screen to provide quick access to often-adjusted functions such as audio volume and tuning and cabin temperature. Smaller 8.4-in. (21.0-cm) and 5.0-in. (13.0-cm) displays also are offered.

Thoughtful design means there’s a cupholder (or two) for every seat, deep door pockets with rubberized, removable bottle-sized inserts and larger in-floor RamBins widened to accommodate 12-oz. (0.3-L) cans.

Upper-trim models feature soft-touch, rollback upper glovebox doors and rear seats that recline up to 8 degrees. All trucks now have a flat rear floor, made possible because the light-duty pickup no longer shares a floorpan with its heavy-duty brethren. Thanks to an extra 4.0 ins. (102 mm) of wheelbase and cab room, rear-seat legroom in a Crew Cab 4-door now is a class-leading 45.1 ins. (1,146 mm).

Power and connectivity options abound, including 12V and 115V outlets, an optional charging pad (with a handy indicator light that illuminates when the device is in the proper charging location), USB, HDMI and new “C/A” type ports capable of quick charging power and handling video.